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Sermon: “Get Some Air” by Rev. Beth Buckwalter-Miller, Executive Presbyter

Is there anything we can do to be a little more open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Drawing from Jesus’ words to Nicodemus, and the Foundation section of our Book of Order, Beth shares some ways we can give the Spirit a little more room to blow. Her sermon ends with the sharing of a beautiful story, “Gate A-4” written by Naomi Shihab Nye. Feel free to share this in worship at your church or watch it on your own.


Pentecost Sermon for May 19, 2024 “Five Minutes ’til Pentecost”
Sermon by Rev. Beth Buckwalter-Miller, Executive Presbyter

Presbytery-Wide Sermon for April 7, 2024
Sermon by Rev. Michael Hartwell, Randall Presbyterian Church of Randall

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Presbytery-Wide Sermon for December 31, 2023
Sermon by Rev. Laura Messer, Faith Presbyterian Church of Silver Lake
Suggested Order of Worship
Sermon Transcript 12-31-23

This is a video that was created for Reformation Sunday, October 2020. The video is by Michael Hartwell, pastor of Randall Presbyterian Church.
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Presbytery-Wide Sermon for September 24, 2023
Sermon by Rev. Beverly Brock, First Presbyterian Church of Foley
Presbytery Wide Bulletin 2023 09 24

Sermon: “Burning Bush and Rising Floodwaters” by Rev. Beth Buckwalter-Miller

Presbytery Wide Sermon for April 16, 2023
“Dusty Disciples” by Rev. Scott Thompson, First Presbyterian Church, Willmar
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Presbytery-wide Sermon for January 1, 2023, by Rev. David Lick, First Presbyterian Church of Saint James


Presbytery-wide Sermon for September 25, 2022, by Rev. Beth Buckwalter-Miller, Executive Presbyter, Minnesota Valleys Presbytery


Presbytery-wide Sermon for April 24, 2022, by Rev. Darin Seaman, First Presbyterian Church of Saint Cloud


“A Physics Lesson” – a sermon about the woman at the well by Rev. Brian Jones, Hope Presbyterian Church, Spicer