Sale of Manse Policy and Form

Policy Dealing with the Sale of a Manse

When a congregation votes to sell a manse, it must receive Presbytery approval according to the requirements of the Book of Order and the laws of the State of Minnesota. Inasmuch as the manse is considered an asset of the Presbytery, all funds derived from the sale become a Transfer of Assets classification and will be placed in a capital assets designation.

Restrictions and guidelines for the use of this account are:

  1. Funds may be invested with session approval.
  2. The session may loan monies from the account to a pastor to be used for the purchase of a home. The application shall include plans for repayment, including interest, if applicable. Majority approval must be received from the congregation as well as approval from budget & finance committee. 
  3. Funds may be used toward projects that would be classified as "capital assets" (includes land, buildings, parking lots, permanent repair or replacement). Use of the fund for this purpose must have approval of the session, approval of the majority of the congregation and presbytery approval.
  4. Funds from this account may not be used for general operating expenses.
  5. Use of this fund shall be in addition to the amount available to the church under the presbytery loan fund.

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