Committee on Representation

Prayerfully discerning God's call to those who might serve

Committee on Representation Members

The Membership of the Committee on Representation: 6 Members
Book of Order G-9.0801a: 
1/3 Teaching Elders, 1/3 Ruling Elders (Female) and 1/3 Ruling Elders (Male)

Class of 2021 Class of 2022 Class of 2023
Kathy Blair (2)
Herb Poncin (2)
Mark Ford (1)
Lenae Wordes (1)
Andy Davis (1)

Chair: Kathy Blair

The Committee on Representation will:
Fulfill the constitutional responsibilities assigned to it in the Book of Order, G‐3.0103. 
Serve as the nominating committee of the Presbytery, striving to fulfill Presbytery’s mandate of diversity and inclusivity...

Book of Order: F-1.0403; G-3.0103; G-3.0111 (Nominations)