Bills and Overtures Committee

Committee Members 
Chairperson - Stan Menning - Vice Moderator of Presbytery
Resource Person - Stated Clerk Pam Prouty

Primary Commissioners- 2016 GA Alternate Commissioners - 2016 GA Young Adult Advisory Delegate
Teaching Elder Andy Davis
Ruling Elder Charles Moore
Teaching Elder Leanne Thompson
Ruling Elder Deb Hess
Elizabeth Prouty




Our Mission: Made up of our Commissioners and Alternate Commissioners to General Assembly, the Presbytery Vice-Moderator, and resourced by the Stated Clerk and Executive Presbyter, this committee deals primarily with business arising out of General Assemby meetings and various policy issues in the presbytery, making recommendations to the presbytery and interpreting actions of the General Assembly to the presbytery.

Our Responsibilities

  1. To review amendments to the Constitution as received from General Assembly and recommend action on each to the Presbytery.
  2. To be available to congregations and members of Presbytery for assistance in the process of writing and submitting overtures to upcoming General Assemblies. We encourage sessions and congregations to talk about the issues coming before the General assembly, and to raise issues of concern, and to consider submitting overtures to the General Assembly on matters that they deem important to the life of the denomination.
  3. To receive and recommend to Presbytery or Council any response to requests from other Presbyteries regarding support of overtures to upcoming General Assemblies.
  4. Commissioners to General Assembly are also available to meet with sessions, congregations, and clusters, to share their reports and impressions of the work of the General Assembly.
  5. To review Presbytery Bylaws and Manual of Operations periodically and make recommendations to Presbytery and or council when needed.

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