Presbyterian Camps

Presbyterian Clearwater Forest

Rich Swartwood, Executive Director
Presbyterian Clearwater Forest
16595 Crooked Lake Rd
Deerwood MN 56444-8328
218-678-2325 (Office)
[email protected]

Presbyterian Clearwater Forest, Inc., is a ministry of Christ called:

  • To provide faith-building Christian programming.
  • To provide effective facilities and services to support conferencing.
  • To nurture active Christian community.
  • To be the faithful steward of God's creation at Clearwater Forest.

Presbyterian Clearwater Forest is a ministry of Conferences, Retreats, Camps and Stewardship of:

  • The Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area
  • The Presbytery of Northern Waters
  • The Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys
  • The Presbytery of Northern Plains
  • The Synod of Lakes and Prairies

The Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys is represented on the board by:

  • OPEN, Class of 2018
  • Rev. Leanne Thompson, Class of 2018, appointed by Clearwater Forest Board
  • Rev. Anna Williamson, Class of 2020

Lakeshore Center at Okoboji

Beth Ehlers, Executive Director
Presbyterian Camp on Okoboji
1864 Highway 86
Milford IA 51351-7267
Telephone: 712-337-3313
Fax: 712-337-0104
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Lakeshore Center at Okoboji seeks to be a sacred space where all can come experience God and be a center for Presbyterian Christianity. The camp serves North Central Iowa, Prospect Hill, and Minnesota Valleys presbyteries and is associated with the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys is represented on the board by:

  • Twyla Schilling, Class of 2017