The Occidente Partnership


Occidente Partnership Task Force

Task Force Members:
Edith Alvarez Colette Meidinger
Elaine Boyd Chuck Moore
Sarah Davis Jackie Moore
Le Roy Ennenga Phyllis Pederson
Mark Ford Dennis Peterson
Kathy Gilbert Jan Prehn
Stephanie Guzman Carol Stiles
Jim Krapf Steve Tyykila

Chairperson: Jim Krapf


The Task Force is not a committee composed of nominated recruits who serve a term of duty. Occidente Partnership Task Force is a team of people who have a special interest in multi-cultural faith development and service projects. If you share this interest, here is information for you.

 Occidente Partners welcomes new teammates. You can participate for as long as you feel this is what God is calling you to do with your gifts and desires.

 The opportunities that you can have as a team member include:
       Planning the ministry of Occidente Partners -
              "To live Christ's vision: One faith without borders."
       Fostering multi-cultural relationships through prayer and hospitality
       Assisting with projects and events with our sister Presbytery of Occidente in Guatemala

               Our 2013-2016 Pact of Companionship in Mission outlines several ministries:
                   1. Prayer partnerships between congregations and presbyteries
                   2. Camp exchanges and other programs for young people
                   3. Scholarships for children of pastors
                   4. Constructing manses for churches in Occidente Presbytery
                   5. Reformed Theology training

              Participating in other delegations to Occidente
                   1. Every four years negotiating a new Pact of Companionship in Mission
                   2. Every two years engaging in the Guatemalan Network Meeting sponsored by the Presbyterian national office in USA and Guatemala
                   3. Reach out to the Hispanic community within Minnesota Valleys Presbytery

 Expectations of Task Force members include:
      Contributing your participation in planning and/or doing the above opportunities
      Those who participate in delegations or work projects to Occidente are expected:
                 to share their experience with the Minnesota Valleys Presbytery
                 to serve on the Task Force for at least one year after visit
                 to be physically capable to travel and to play a role in projects
                 to pay for expenses beyond flight and room and board provided by hosts (for delegates)
                 to pay for flight, some housing, and incidentals (for work crews)
       Supplements to costs are available to new participants
       Fluency in Spanish is a plus but not required