Ethiopia-South Sudan Ministry Network

Thijin Gatwech
Peter Mann
Owar Ojulu
Omot Akok Okony
Elizabeth Tot

Chair: Peter Mann

The Ethiopia/South Sudan Mission Network (E/SS) serves as a Ministry Network of Minnesota Valleys Presbytery. It supports the immigrants from these two African countries who are Christians, many of whom are/were Presbyterians when living in their home countries. Our focus is to provide a “Home within a Home” for these folks to connect with one another and reinforce their efforts as they reach out to their immigrant constituents. These are the leaders in their communities, and as such need time to connect, compare, support and be encouraged by one another. (A leader can be lonely at times, especially in a foreign land). Additionally, it is a goal to educate all of us to one anothers' culture from these two countries to the Americans within our presbytery.