Committee on Congregational Nurture

Our vision is to foster the well-being of all congregations of the presbytery.

Committee on Congregational Nurture Members
Membership: 9
Class of 2018
Sue Goebel
Keith Lohse
Dennis Peterson
Class of 2019
Bob Bartlett
Jean McCallum
Herb Rotunda
Class of 2020
Jean Bauer
Jan Prehn
Bill Yueill

Chair: Bob Bartlett

The Committee on Congregational Nurture will:

  1. Develop relationships with and among the presbytery’s congregations with a strong commitment to their overall health and well-being 
  2. Conduct regular visits to each congregation 
  3. Communicate the particular needs or concerns of the congregations to the appropriate presbytery entity. 
  4. Recruit the members of and secure training for the Presbytery Response Team
Intentions for Living Out the Vision:
  • We will create networks to support, encourage, resource, and strengthen the ministries of our congregations and leaders.
  • We will share mission stories of congregations and individuals across the presbytery.
  • We will build and maintain healthy relationships with one another, the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, the General Assembly and its agencies, and the wider faith community.
  • We will support, resource, and guide one another and our pastoral leaders in times of difficulties. 

Book of Order: G-3.0303a-e; G-3.0307
2018 meetings
9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 13 at First Presbyterian Church of Willmar