Commission on Presbytery Life

Our vision is to encourage and enhance our common life as the Body of Christ.


The Commission on Presbytery Life

Membership: 9 
(Seven ruling elders and teaching elders elected by the presbytery;
two by virtue of office – the Moderator and Vice-Moderator of the Presbytery)

Class of 2021 Class of 2022 Class of 2023
Edith Alvarez
Galen Smith

David Lick, Pby Moderator
Nancy Skoog, Pby Vice Moderator
Andy Davis
Judy Oldemeyer
Bonnie Roys
Paul Seaton

Co-Chairs: Galen Smith and Andy Davis

The Commission on Presbytery Life will:

  1. Plan engaging, informative and celebratory Presbytery meetings, including the commissioner briefing and receiving the four churchwide offerings. 
  2. Provide ongoing oversight, review, and evaluation of Ministry Plan and Mission Design, proposing adjustments as appropriate 
  3. Provide vision and strategy for the ongoing life of the presbytery 
  4. Promote, encourage, and enable congregational participation in, and support of, Presbyterian mission, social justice concerns, and peacemaking initiatives, including but not limited to the presbytery’s current mission connections:
    • Presbyterian Clearwater Forest
    • Lakeshore Center at Okoboji
    • Occidente Partnership Task Force
    • Ethiopia-South Sudan Ministry Network 
  5. Develop presbytery-sponsored events – both regionally and presbytery-wide – to enrich the lives and enhance the ministries of our congregations 
  6. Develop and administer a communication plan for the presbytery to include the application of appropriate technology to the work of the presbytery 
  7. Encourage the formation of networks, task forces or other groups as necessary to implement the mission design.

Intentions for Living Out the Vision:
  • We will plan and participate in collaborative events to enrich lives and enhance ministries.
  • We will connect with one another to encourage and support the establishment of mission partnerships.
  • We will share mission stories of congregations and individuals across the presbytery.
  • We will offer a mission experience as part of our presbytery gatherings.
  • We will connect with other congregations of similar size and situation who have embarked on a plan of growth (5%) and have experiences that can be shared.
  • We will grow in our understanding of Presbyterian polity and history, and Reformed theology. 

Book of Order:
G-3.0105-06; G-3.03; G-3.0301; G-3.0304-05; G-3.0307; G-5.01-5.05