Commission on Leadership


Our vision is to come alongside pastoral leaders 
and those preparing for pastoral leadership roles
as they live out their call to ministry and mission.

Commission on Leadership Members
Membership: 15 (As close to an equal number of teaching elders and ruling elders as possible.)

Class of 2019
Beverly Brock
Beverly Crute
Karen Houtman
Kathy Knips
Scott Thompson

Class of 2020
Linda Becken
Elaine Boyd
Jason Cunningham
Deb Hess
David Hollis

Class of 2021
Leah Elrod
Scott Prouty
Paul Snyder

Co-Chairs: Paul Snyder and Beverly Brock

The Commission on Leadership will:

  1. Provide support, resources, and care for our pastoral leaders
  2. Work with congregations and pastoral leaders in the all areas of their relationships, including pastoral transitions
  3. Act on grant requests from individuals seeking support for conferences, workshops, other learning opportunities
  4. Work with inquirers and candidates on behalf of the Presbytery as they move through the process of preparation for ministry as outlined in the Advisory Handbook on Preparation for Ministry from the General Assembly
  5. Provide for the training, examination, and nurture of ruling elders seeking to be commissioned to pastoral service assuring that the training meets Book of Order guidelines (G-2.1002)
  6. Work with congregations in exploring non-traditional staff models
Intentions for Living Out the Vision:
  • We will create networks to support, encourage, resource, and strengthen the ministries of our congregations and leaders.
  • We will create networks of leaders for prayer, study, and fellowship to strengthen ministries.
  • We will grow in our understanding of Presbyterian polity and history, and Reformed theology.
  • We will support, resource, and guide one another and our pastoral leaders in times of transition, including helping congregations in strategizing non-traditional staff models.
  • We will support, resource, and guide one another and our pastoral leaders in times of difficulties. 

Book of Order: G-2.05-2.06; G-2.08; G-2.10; G-3.0301; G-3.0303; G-3.0307; G-4.03
2019 Meetings
10:00 on Saturday, January 13 at the Hope Presbyterian Church of Spicer
9:30 Zoom on February 7
10:00 in-person at presbytery office on Mar 7
9:30 Zoom on April 4
10:00 in-person at hybrid Presbytery mtg at FPC Willmar on May 21
9:30 Zoom on June 6
9:30 Zoom on July 11
9:30 Zoom on August 1
10:00 in-person at presbytery office on Sept 5
9:30 Zoom on October 3
10:00 in-person at Hybrid Presbytery meeting at FPC Redwood Falls on November 2
9:30 Zoom on December 5