Commission on Congregational Transformation and Development


Our vision is to be a catalyst to our congregations,
as they discern their passions and live out God’s call to ministry and mission. 

Commission on Congrational Transformation
and Development Members

Membership: 9 (Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders)
Class of 2019
Randal Knuth
Darlene Scherbing
Tom Voigt
Class of 2020
Richard Lawrence
Kathy Terpstra
Barb Wawrzyniak
Class of 2021
Michael Hartwell
Darin Seaman
Anne Veldhuisen

Chair: Darin Seaman and Tom Voigt

The Commission on Congregational Transformation and Development will:

  1. Encourage and equip our congregations, individually, and as networks 
  2. Connect congregations with appropriate resources for their ministries 
  3. Challenge congregations in the development of new collaborative mission and ministry initiatives
  4. Act on grant requests from congregations seeking support:
  • for new, collaborative mission and ministry initiatives
  • for well-articulated growth-oriented goals (Isaiah 43:19)
  • for upgrading technologies
  • for conferences, workshops, other learning opportunities

Intentions for Living Out the Vision:

  • We will create networks to support, encourage, resource, and strengthen the ministries of our congregations and leaders.  
  • We will share stewardship resources and ideas with one another as we develop cultures of congregational generosity.
  • We will connect with one another to encourage and support the establishment of mission partnerships.
  • We will connect with other congregations of similar size and situation who have embarked on a plan of growth (5%) and have experiences that can be shared.
  • We will support, resource, and guide one another and our pastoral leaders in times of difficulties. 

Book of Order: G-2.0402; G-3.0301; G-3.0303; G-3.0307


2019 meetings
10:00 am Saturday, January 13 - Hope Presbyterian Church of Spicer